January 27, 2012

Melissa Christie, textile designer extraordinaire!

Never Sleep Alone! 

Chances are you'll recognize these sheets from textile designer Melissa Christie because they're blowing up on the internet right now. Spreading like wildfire since opening up her Etsy shop on Tuesday, Melissa is reaching zombie lovers from all over the globe through social media sites like her
facebook and
Selling out of all items her first day open, Melissa's Etsy shop titled 'It's Alive' sells OOAK handmade bedding featuring hand painted zombie hands! How creepy/brilliant are these sheets!

Melissa's zombie bedding is all handmade by her and made to order. Her shop currently offers standard size bedding twin - king for a flat rate in white cotton fabric. What a deal!
She is currently looking into different colour bedding options and sheets for specialty sizes like California King size. But a good option for those who can't wait is the pillowcase set which are made to fit 20" x 30" (standard size) pillow.

Melissa is working on a portfolio site that will feature some of her other works. Works like her killer Femme Fatal dresses. Over-dyed dupioni silk dresses with screen printed poisonous flowers and hand painted/sewn elements. Photographer/Developer Owen Deveney of Capture Scratch and model Alexandria Goldman of Fresh Poultry.  These dresses are not yet available in her shop, but are destined to be another successful series! Great job Melissa! Keep up the good work!